I AM THE GOLD LINE is owned and operated by active dispatch supervisors with a passion for supporting dispatchers around the world. We represent the thousands of dispatchers WORLDWIDE, who are the backbone of Public Safety! As dispatchers, we faithfully endure the daily rigors of operating in an unbelievably fast paced, highly stressful environment! We are TRULY, the FIRST of all “First Responders”. We advise de-escalate, ascertain caller location, and dispatch the appropriate and necessary personnel to provide the safety & security and/or medical attention that is needed in ALL times of crisis. I AM THE GOLD LINE is committed to fervently celebrating and supporting the women and men who accept this critically important responsibility EACH AND EVERY DAY!! Our products are manufactured from the highest quality, breathable materials, that provide the most comfortable fit while honoring OUR commitment to excellence. Our apparel is 100% breathable cotton, dyed, cut, and sewn right here at home in the U.S.A!!